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Product Description

Cloud email security powered by artificial intelligence Sophos email is cloud email security delivered simply through Sophos Central’s easy-to-use single management console. Protect your people from unwanted and malicious email threats today, and tomorrow, with the latest artificial intelligence.

Smarter Email Security

Today’s email threats move fast, and malicious files look more and more like benign files. Growing businesses need predictive email security – defeating today’s threats with an eye on tomorrow.

See the Future

Using the same technology as our award-winning Intercept X, the artificial intelligence built into Sophos Email’s Sandstorm sandboxing technology is a deep learning neural network, able to detect suspicious payloads containing threats, malware, and unwanted applications, as well as high-level threats embedded in documents, including ransomware. Sophos Sandstorm detonates these files in series of virtual machines, simulating a real end user environment where behavior can be monitored, delivering safe documents – not just PDFs

Stop Ransomware

The most advanced anti-ransomware technology available. Sophos Email security uses behavioral analysis to stop never-before-seen ransomware and boot record attacks.

Block Stealth Attacks

Protecting employees from malicious website links, our advanced URL protection is outsmarting attackers who slip phishing URLs past traditional gateways, delaying the upload of malware to websites until after the email is delivered. Sophos Time-ofClick checks website reputation before delivery and at the time you click – blocking stealthy, delayed attacks.

Trust Your Inbox

Phishing imposter defense with Sophos Email uses a combination of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication techniques, and email header anomaly analysis allows you to identify and permit legitimate emails while blocking imposters – so you can trust your inbox again. While SophosLabs global threat intelligence network ensures you won’t miss the thousands of new spam and malware threats discovered every hour. IP reputation filtering blocking up to 90% of spam at the door, while Sophos anti-spam and antivirus engines catch the rest.


  • Predictive email security able to block known and unknown threats
  • Stop ransomware, spam, and phishing attacks
  • Protect sensitive data with email encryption and content control
  • Supports O365 and all major platforms
  • Automatic Active Directory Synchronization
  • Self-Service Portal with enduser and admin controls

Protect Sensitive Data

Secure sensitive data and make compliance easy with Sophos Email push-based encryption and content control.

Content Control

Scan all emails for keywords and file types, with superior malware protection to block hidden threats that use forged file names to look safe, analyzing multiple attributes of a file to detect the true identity.

  • Create multiple policies for groups and individual users
  • Identify specific keywords in email subject lines, message content, and file names
  • Quarantine, delete, or strip attachments from email messages to prevent data leaks and malware threats Email Encryption Easy-to-use push-based email encryption allows you to convert a standard email into one with encrypted attachments – sent direct to the recipient’s inbox.
  • Encrypt the entire email or attachments only
  • Send secure messages fast using the O365 addin button, or by adding the organizations custom subject line tag to the message i.e. “Secure: ***” Ì Reply and send attachments securely with Sophos Secure Messaging Portal

Comprehensive Reporting

Sophos Email provides statistics reports within the Sophos Central console in the form of tables and graphs – and all with custom date ranges selectable. These reports include:

  • Message history (messages deleted, quarantined, processing, delivered successfully, delivery failed, and queued for delivery)
  • Message details (sender/recipient info, status, raw header details and attachments)
  • Message summary (message direction, # scanned, # Legitimate, # spam, # virus, # DLP policy violations, # advanced threat, # realtime blocklist, # company blocklist, # authentication failures)
  • Message volume analyzed by sandbox (Sophos Sandstorm)
  • Time-of-Click Protection URL protection (top 100 URLs scanned)