RDX Storage System Docks
RDX Storage System Docks

RDX Storage System Docks

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Product Description


From ever-growing data needs to rigid regulations, the RDX® Dock has your back(up).

Combining the strengths of hard disk and tape cartridge storage, the Imation® RDX removable disk drive now features certified USB 3.0 SuperSpeed in a system that helps your business manage rapid, unpredictable data growth, and meet strict industry regulations – all faster and more affordably than ever.

Protective rubber edge bumpers add extra ruggedness to the system; with emergency cartridge eject in case of power loss.

  • Available in USB 3.0 SuperSpeed and SATA configurations
  • Data and power cables
  • Drive status LED and eject button



Speedy Performance

Backup, restore faster: random access enables quicker backups and restoration, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed provides high transfer rates.



Expandable Capacity

Grow storage as needed: disk capacities include 320GB, 500GB, 1TB and 1.5TB (the highest capacity RDX media currently available); forward compatible with higher capacities.



Interchangeable Docks

Easily access data: RDX media is compatible and interchangeable with all RDX and RD1000 removable hard disk docks, including the Dell PowerVault RD1000.



Simple Operation

Save time: RDX device is mounted as a removable disk drive icon, allowing familiar drag-and-drop backup operation