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Energizer Smart Charger 2 AA Charger (CHP42)

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Product Description

IntroductionFeatures & Benefits

This charger contains some extra ‘smarts’ to let you know how much charging time remains and to automatically shut itself off when charging is complete. Ideal for travel, this is a compact and easy to use charger, and includes 2 x AA 1400mAh batteries.

NiMH is the most economical to recycle making them better for the environment. They also a suitable replacement for NiCd batteries in most devices and do not contain highly toxic cadmium found in NiCd batteries.

Why throw batteries away when quality rechargeable batteries are such great value?

Charging Capability: 2 or 4 “AA” / 2 or 4 “AAA”

Charging Times (estimated):

AA (1300mAh) – 3 hrs

AA (1500mAh) – 3 hrs

AA (2300mAh) – 5 hrs

AAA (500mAh) – 3 hrs

AAA (700mAh) – 4 hrs

AAA (800mAh) – 4 hr

SKU                                      EN835ELAPPHSANMY-732809

Model                                 Smart Charger CHP42UK

Size (L x W x H)                  7 x 4 x 12

Weight                                  0.13

Certifications                      Eco Friendly

Color                                     Black

Energy rating (stars)          5.0

Compatible Phones             LG|Samsung|HTC|Motorola

Battery Type                          Lithium Battery

Wattage                                  7.5

Voltage                                    240