2 in 1 flash light

Energizer 2 In 1 LED Light (LED43A1G)

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Product Description


Energizer LED 2-in-1 Light with Light Fusion Technology

Powerful & Portable

A handy multipurpose tool, the Energizer 2-in-1 light makes a smart choice for the home, garage, and workshop. Equipped with Light Fusion technology, the light’s side panel features LEDs that never burn out or need replacing. The side panel has several hundred tiny dots etched on it to evenly spread the light emitted by the LEDs, delivering vibrant, uniform area light for a variety of tasks.

Water resistant and ready to lead the way, the Energizer 2-in-1 light also features smart-dimming technology, which makes it possible to vary the brightness to suit your needs and prolong the battery life. Simply press and hold the power button to your desired brightness.


Versatile Features

The 2-in-1 light delivers the best of both worlds–area and directional lighting.

Spotlight: switch on the Energizer LED 2-in-1 light for a powerful, even-focused beam.

Area Light: flip the Energizer LED 2-in-1 light on its head and let the side panel brightly light up any area.

See for yourself, it’s like having two lights in one, and it’s like no other flashlight you’ve tried.


Powered by Energizer

The Energizer LED 2-in-1 light is powered by four AA batteries (four Energizer Max AA batteries included). The area light delivers to up to 100 lumens* of light output and up to 100** hours of run time, while the directional light provides up to 75 lumens and up to 10 hours of run time.


Energizer Light Fusion Technology Collection

The Energizer family of lights with Light Fusion technology is the ideal combination of energy-saving LED technology and innovative optical design–utilizing hundreds of tiny dots etched on to each panel to evenly spread the light output from the LEDs. The LEDs never burn out and do not need replacing. The overall result is a vibrant, uniform illumination so you can do, enjoy, and accomplish more.


SKU                           EN835ELAP6QJANMY-698577


Model                     LED43A1G


Size (L x W x H)   14 x 6 x 12


Weight                   0.4